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1. What is HERE Directions?

HERE Directions is a virtual event that brings together top industry experts to unlock the potential of location technology in transforming automotive experiences, transport and logistics, mobility, 5G, AI and more.

2. When and where will HERE Directions take place?

HERE Directions will stream live on October 20 - 21, 2021 at 14h CEST on HERE's virtual platform, free of charge for all event attendees.

3. Who should attend HERE Directions?

Everyone who is interested in location technology and its potential for transforming the way we live, work and move in our world.

4. What can I expect from HERE Directions?

Attending HERE Directions gives you access to keynotes from market-specific experts, networking with industry peers, virtual exhibitions and much more. You'll also gain direct insights into the latest innovations on topics such as autonomous driving, on-demand delivery, mobility as a service, IoT and digital transformation and others.

Event content

1. Where can I see the full HERE Directions schedule?

The full agenda will be available on this page shortly before the event.

2. Which topics will be discussed at HERE Directions?

Key topics for the 2021 edition will focus on location technology and how it helps:

  • Unlock fleet efficiency and supply chain visibility
  • Build next-generation driving experiences
  • Transform mobility and infrastructure

3. Will the content be available on-demand after the event?

Yes. All recorded content will be available on our virtual platform both during and after the event.

Additional information

1. How do I become a sponsor of the event?

HERE offers several opportunities for event sponsorship. For more information, please contact

2. How do I become a speaker at HERE Directions?

For speaking opportunities please contact HERE Events at

3. Who do I contact for registration issues?

For issues with registration please contact HERE Events at

4. What is the HERE Code of Conduct?

Read our full code of conduct here.

5. What is the HERE's Privacy Policy?

Read our full privacy policy here.