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DAY 2 : October 21, 2021

Discover how location data is helping improve sales logistics, unlock the full potential of 5G, solve supply chain challenges, advance infrastructure planning and much more. Browse the full program for Day 1.

Time (CEST) Channel Session Details Speakers
14:00   Opening Keynote: Rethinking Disruption   Jonas Kjellberg, Digital Transformation Speaker, Co-Creator of Skype, Author and Investor




Sales logistics:  Improving sales operations with dynamic customer visit planning

Managing site visits across multiple customers’ locations can be a complex process to plan and requires an advanced planning tool based on historical and precise, real-time information. In this session, SAP tells us how HERE location technology is powering their software solutions to boost the efficiency of sales workforces with ad-hoc prioritization of scheduling and routing customer location visits.

Simon Dechent, Global Market Development, SAP Sales and Service Core, SAP


Gino Ferru, SVP and General Manager EMEAR, HERE Technologies

14:55 Automated & Connected Driving 

5G and edge computing: Shaping the future of mobility experiences


Combining location technology with 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) offers endless opportunities across industries, including powerful solutions that provide better mobility experiences for drivers. In this session, Vodafone tells us how, together with HERE location intelligence, they are harnessing these technologies to making roads safer and more efficient for all

Vatsa Kalyanasundaram, Cloud & Security Director, Vodafone Business

Jennifer Gill Didoni, Head of Cloud and Edge Computing Portfolio, Vodafone Business

Bjarne Jensen, Product Marketing Manager Telco, HERE Technologies


14:55 Supply Chain & Fleet Management

Enhancing postal fleet operations: The importance of data quality


Managing fleets is a complex business, with numerous logistical challenges from planning to the last mile. But with quality data, businesses can make smarter decisions and overcome these challenges. In this session, Capgemini tells us how they are enhancing fleet operations by leveraging highly accurate location data to optimize routes and improve ETA and forecasting accuracy, saving time and costs

Mehdi Zahi, Managing Business Consultant – GIS BI Geomarketing, Capgemini

Alex Osaki, Product Marketing Manager, HERE Technologies

14:55 Infrastructure & Urban Mobility

The future of smart enterprise:  Redefining “connected” with location technology


In our increasingly digitally connected world, telecommunications companies are having to evolve to meet new demands and equip customers with the tools they need for the 5G future. In this session, Verizon tells us about their Digital Space Orchestration solution and how it is helping to fulfill the promise of the 4th industrial revolution

Jeff Frantz, General Manager, Verizon Location Technology

Tyler Van Houwelingen, Director Industry Solutions, HERE Technologies

15:20 Automated & Connected Driving 

Gearing up for the next level: Mastering conditionally automated driving at Level 3


Vehicle automation is advancing rapidly, and there is little that excites the technology world more than a future with self-driving cars. But how far are we from that reality? In this session, Mercedes-Benz tells us how their innovations, combined with HERE location data and services, are helping them achieve Level 3 automation, bringing new levels of comfort, efficiency and safety for drivers.

Gregor Kugelmann, Senior Manager ADAS development, Mercedes Benz

Filip Klippel, Product Marketing Manager, HERE Technologies

15:20 Supply Chain & Fleet Management

Keeping moving in times of Covid-19: Addressing the supply chain challenges of today


The Covid-19 crisis has disrupted supply chains across the world, bringing a new wave of challenges that have impacted every industry. In this session, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners tells us how location data and technology is helping them overcome the unique problems they’ve encountered in Australia and continue to move brands across the region and meet their customers’ needs.

Phillip Parsons General Manager of Logistics, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Erminio Di Paola, VP Product Management, HERE Technologies

15:20 Infrastructure & Urban Mobility

Getting businesses back on track: The role of digital twins in solving today’s problems


Businesses in every industry have been dealing with unprecedented changes and challenges, and need new solutions to help them adapt and thrive in a world in recovery. In this session, Esri tells us how, by combining their geospatial expertise, tools and capabilities with HERE’s, innovating in 3D and creating digital twins, they’ve been helping companies make faster decisions, improve operational efficiencies and meet their customers’ needs

Randall René, Industry Solutions Specialist – Telecommunications, Esri

Mark Yao, Director Product Management, HERE Technologies

15:45   Network break    
16:10 Automated & Connected Driving  Unlocking the full potential of 5G: Connected and automated mobility
through C-V2X
With the dawn of 5G and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) comes immense opportunity for the telecommunications and automotive industries. In this session, Deutsche Telekom tells us how they envision the C-V2X future, including the vast potential of connected cars to improve safety and efficiency on our roads, and the role of location-based services in shaping that future. 

Johannes Springer, Lead 5G Automotive Program, Deutsche Telekom AG /
T-Systems International

Javier Albares, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, HERE Technologies

16:10 Supply Chain & Fleet Management Taking control of fleets: Enhancing performance through route optimization Managing fleet operations is no mean feat, and the acceleration of online retail brought about by Covid-19 has put more pressure on fleet operaters than ever. In this session, we hear from four companies based in three different continents about the fleet management challenges their businesses face and how location data and technology is helping them have greater visibility of their fleets, optimize their routes, and better manage the last mile, leading to time and cost savings and improved sustainability.

Sarah Thompson, Chief Product Officer, EROAD


Badrinath Jayaram, Global Business Lead – TCS DigiFleetTM, Tata Consultancy Services


Deepak Patnaik, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HERE Technologies

16:10 Infrastructure & Urban Mobility Advancing urban infrastructure planning: Digital twins and the future
Better infrastructure planning is key to making cities more efficient, safer and greener, thereby enhancing citizens’ quality of life. In this session, Bentley Systems tells us how digital twins are transforming infrastructure planning, and how by collaborating with HERE Technologies and Microsoft we are together opening up opportunities for cities and Departments of Transportation (DoTs) and addressing some of the most pressing challenges of today.

Phil Christensen, Vice President - Digital Cities, Reality+Spatial Modeling, Bentley Systems

Lomme Devriendt, Senior Manager, Business Development, Bentley Systems

Steven Schulting, Senior Product Manager Infrastructure Planning, HERE Technologies

16:35 Automated & Connected Driving 

Powering the voice-first era: The potential for a more connected world


Voice assistants are appearing everywhere in our lives, enabling humans to interact with everything that’s connected in the way they interact with each other. In this session, SoundHound tells us how their voice AI platform, powered by HERE data, is helping brands build custom voice experiences and how 5G will provide even greater opportunities for innovation in this space, benefiting every industry and consumer.

Michael Zagorsek, COO, SoundHound

Hervé Utheza, Senior Director Emerging Technologies, HERE Technologies

16:35 Supply Chain & Fleet Management Supply chain innovation: Delivering solutions for industries around the world The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains across the globe, exposing their complexity and fragility and the need for new solutions in a world still adapting to the repercussions. In this session, Amazon Web Services (AWS) shares their views on today's trends and challenges, and how, with the help of the HERE platform, they're solving supply chain problems for all industries and markets.

Mike Brown, Supply Chain Leader – Global & Strategic Accounts, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Aaron Golden, Senior Director Partnership, HERE Technologies

16:35 Infrastructure & Urban Mobility

Shaping the future of smart cities: The power of location in streamlining mobility


Advancements in location data and technology are rapidly opening up opportunities for governments and businesses across the world, helping them solve their city’s unique problems. In this session we hear from NTT Data about their innovative Smart Cities solution for mobility and traffic simulation, which harnesses the power of location to make cities more connected, sustainable, and run more efficiently for citizens and tourists alike.


Wolfgang Möller, Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

Joachim Mack-Goertz, Partner Account Manager, HERE Technologies

17:00 Automated & Connected Driving 

Leading trucking innovation into the future: Increasing efficiencies with location data


Fleet managers and owners continue to look for ways to reduce costs and optimize the comfort and safety of their drivers. In this session, Traxen tells us how their unique solution, with the help of location technology, is helping their customers provide a new level of drivability and safety, as well as make significant cost-savings through reduced fuel consumption and advanced safety features.

Ali Maleki, Founder and CEO, Traxen

Deepak Patnaik, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HERE Technologies

17:00 Supply Chain & Fleet Management Building intelligent supply chains: The power of data and digital twins

Supply chains remain inundated with paper, with companies slow to move from paper-based to digital processes, despite the world around them becoming increasingly digitized. In this session, Siemens Digital Logistics tells us how, by building intelligent supply chains and leveraging digital twins, they are helping to improve visibility, efficiency, safety and sustainability in the movement of goods across the world.


Magdalina Stavreva, Product Portfolio Management & Strategic Alliances, Siemens Digital Logistics


Dr. Christian Schmidt, CTO & Managing Director of Siemens Digital Logistics


Bart Coppelmans, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Solutions, HERE Technologies

17:00 Infrastructure & Urban Mobility

Smart mobility today and tomorrow: Improving the way we move 


Urban mobility providers face numerous challenges, ranging from tight revenue margins over new regulations to growing customer expectations. In this session, panelists from AMS Institute and City of Prague tell us their views on the most pressing challenges they face today and how location data is helping mobility providers to optimize their operations to enable seamless intermodal journeys.

Jaromír Beránek, Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee, City of Prague

Stephan van Dijk, Director of Innovation, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Panel moderator: Remco Timmer, Senior Director Product Management, HERE Technologies

17:50   Closing