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DAY 1 : October 20, 2021

Discover how location data is helping transform connected driving, improve HMI experiences, enhance driver safety, innovate fleet, digitize rail and much more. Browse the full program for Day 2.

Time (CEST) Session Details Speakers
14:00 Opening Keynote: HERE for location HERE CEO, Edzard Overbeek sets the virtual HERE Directions stage with an opening keynote centering on the importance of location data and technology in our world today, and as an enabler to our future. Edzard Overbeek, CEO, HERE Technologies
14:30 Keynote session How the emerging "metaverse" will shape the future of work David Rowan, Founding Editor-in-chief, WIRED UK
15:00 On the move with 5G: The BMW view BMW’s connectivity chief Stephan Durach joins HERE CTO Giovanni Lanfranchi to talk about the state of 5G, its essential role in the efficient, sustainable and enjoyable mobility of the future – and how location technology and 5G go hand in hand to empower the data infrastructure vehicles and mobility services of the future need.  

Stephan Durach, Senior VP, Connected Company Development at BMW

Giovanni Lanfranchi, CTO, HERE Technologies 

15:25 Enhancing our interaction with every screen: Building next-generation HMI experiences Today, only a small portion of human-machine interface (HMI) design concepts make their way to mass production. In this session, Unity tells us how their real-time 3D technology brings disjointed HMI design and development workflows together to create visually compelling, immersive HMI experiences, and how with HERE location data we are together reimagining in-car navigation experiences.  

Derek Burrows, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Unity Technologies


Yao Zhai, Senior Product Manager, Unity Technologies

Mark Yao, Director Product Management, HERE Technologies 

15:50 Networking break    

Future of work: The role of innovation in the ESG-conscious world


With Covid-19 altering ways of working, organizations across the globe are using ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) principles to accelerate digital transformation, turning challenges of the “new normal” into opportunities. Join us to learn more about how innovation is a driver in this arena, and the role location technology plays within it.

Imran Sayeed, Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MIT Sloan School of Management


Jørgen Behrens, SVP and CPO, HERE Technologies



Getting a grip on traction conditions: Enhancing driver safety with the HERE platform


Differing road surfaces, tires and weather constantly change traction conditions and impact driver safety. In this session, NIRA Dynamics tells us how their use of the HERE platform to map traction conditions is enhancing road safety for drivers and enabling continued exploration and innovation in this important space, now and in the future.

Lisa Åbom, CEO, NIRA Dynamics

Jonathan Abon, VP Product Management, HERE Technologies

17:10 Precise location positioning: Innovating in fleet, automotive, tech and beyond Whether you are trying to locate a vehicle or precisely pinpoint the location of a consumer with a smartwatch, accurate positioning of devices, equipment and assets using satellite system is more attainable and in demand than ever. In this session, Sony Semiconductor Solutions tells us how, by integrating HERE positioning technology into their dual-band chipsets, they can locate devices with centimeter-level precision with only low power consumption, opening up opportunities for innovation in fleet, automotive, tech and beyond.

Steve Beck, General Manager, Systems Engineering Group, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Europe

Divya Mehra, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HERE Technologies

17:35 Networking break    
18:05 The rail revolution: Digitizing rail with location data More and more people are relying on rail as a reliable, safe, environmentally friendly way to travel. Track networks are reaching their maximum capacity, yet expanding them is time-consuming, costly, and disruptive to the landscape. In this session, Deutsche Bahn tells us how their Digitale Schiene Deutschland project, through collaboration with Siemens, Ibeo, Bosch and HERE, can achieve significantly higher track utilization without building a single new track.

Annika Hundertmark, Head of Railway Digitalisation, Digitale Schiene Deutschland, Deutsche Bahn


Tomas Robenek, Industry Solutions Manager, HERE Technologies

18:55 Connected vehicles: Location data reliability, quality and security in the automotive industry With connectivity becoming an increasingly integrated part of the automotive industry, how data is collected and managed has changed greatly over the past decade. In this session, we explore how the quality, reliability and security of location data is crucial in powering the future of the automotive industry and how it is helping to transform another key space – vehicle safety.

Gaia-X Gino Ferru, SVP and General Manager EMEAR, HERE Technologies


Michael Bolle, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Independent Industrial Advisor,